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edmonton insurance brokersThe Thomson Schindle Green (TSG) Insurance Company or TSG Insurance has a quick and easy online tool to help generate an insurance quote for Alberta residents. The proliferation of online forms in recent years means comparison shopping and purchasing auto, home and motorcycle insurance online has never been easier. But what does it really mean and how can it help with your insurance rates?

At TSG Insurance, our conscientious Edmonton insurance brokers have pulled together this information to help you in both your understanding of this easy online tool and securing a free online quote for insurance in Alberta. The process has two steps:

  • First, secure the necessary personal documentation and vehicle information prior to starting the comparison shopping
  • Then determine what type of insurance coverage is needed and what amount of coverage for each type of insurance benefit is adequate.

If you want the most accurate quotes, have the following in hand prior to starting:

  • Driver license number, issue date, previous license number, date of birth for each driver;
  • VIN, odometer, annual mileage, usage, and aftermarket features;
  • Dates of tickets or accidents;
  • Coverage options and limits desired;
  • Bank account information for automatic payments;
  • Prior insurance policy number and effective dates; and
  • Information for Good Driver, Mature Driver or Good Student discounts.

Securing an online insurance quote has several benefits including:

  • Time saved – online auto insurance comparisons don’t require the individual to waste time driving anywhere while searching for the right insurer and best value.
  • Convenience – find and purchase a policy from any place that has an Internet connection at any time.
  • No Pressure – and no feeling of obligation to buy like when talking face-to-face with an insurance agent.
  • Your Information is protected – information online is protected by encryption software so as soon as your information is gathered and delivered to the people you want to have it, the trail is destroyed.
  • Finding the Right Policy – with a wider selection of insurance offerings and that suits your specific needs.
  • Money – there’s no money spent on gasoline and other driving expenses like if you had to take time off work to comparison shop.

The only downside is you don’t have the advantage of speaking with an actual human being if you have special concerns. While quotes may be free, failing to provide your personal information correctly could result in misquotes and rate increases. When looking for insurance coverage online, it is important to stick with a professional brokerage website like TSG Insurance. In this way, drivers will always get reliable information from top ranking agencies.

Remember to carefully read the policy before signing the contract or paying for it; read all the fine print and exclusion clauses; ask questions if any part is not completely clear; and give consideration to the company’s customer service, company policies, and claims processing procedures.

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The insurance brokers at TSG Insurance are happy to discuss the rates for our selection of insurance products, financial planning, and our online quoting system or online quotes. Call TSG Insurance in Edmonton at 780.464.0872; Bassano at 403.641.4988; Medicine Hat at 403.526.3283; Calgary at 403.723.9416; and Brooks at 403.362.8400, or toll free at 1.800.830.9423 today to discuss your business and personal insurance needs. If you need assistance with after-hours claims, please contact us at 1.888.224.5677