Do You Think “It Could Not Happen to Me?” – Insurance Statistics Tell a Different Story

How often do you watch, listen, or read in the news about a tragic car accident that seriously injured and killed a driver or the passengers? Maybe it was a family headed out on holiday only to never reach their destination because of an accident. What about those stories of homeowners losing everything to flooding, fire, or other natural disasters? How often do you stop to consider that tragedy could have been you or someone you love? It is definitely easy to hear about all these stories and think they could never happen to you; however, the statistics say otherwise. When you have the right insurance, you can ease the stress and burden that occurs when things go wrong. Whether you live in Medicine Hat, Calgary, or Brooks, TSG Insurance can help you get the coverage you need to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Read more

What is the Right Type of Insurance for Every Age?

Having insurance is a lot like carrying an umbrella – even if you do not need to use it all the time, it is handy to have when inclement weather occurs. Many Canadians fail to have the proper coverage for the season of life they are currently in. Your life situation may differ from your neighbour’s, but having the right insurance at the right time can ease the financial burden of when problems arise. For example, you may not need the same life insurance coverage when you are first married as you do when you add children. Whether you are in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks, at TSG Insurance & Financial Services Ltd., we understand the different seasons you will go through. We can help you find the right coverage and provide insurance quotes for your life situation.

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Financial Planning Tips to Save on Your Vehicle Insurance in Calgary

In today’s economy, saving money is a goal that is on everyone’s minds. One area that you should consider checking is your auto insurance. There are ways to save your hard-earned money while getting the protection required by law. At TSG Insurance, we are dedicated to helping you get the best insurance services that will suit your budget. Contact our team of experienced agents in Calgary, Brooks, or Medicine Hat for an insurance quote. Read more

All About Umbrella Insurance

Thomson Schindle Green Insurance Company is a full-service, independently-operated insurance brokerage that provides insurance policies to meet your individual or business needs. In providing this service throughout Alberta, part of our endeavor is to ensure our clients and neighbors have the right information to make informed choices to mitigate potential risks to their personal and financial security. Read more

What to Do After an Auto Collision

auto insuranceA car accident, regardless of the severity, can be traumatizing and complicated by the immediate chaos. After an accident many drivers are uncertain as to what they should do or if it is even necessary to involve the police. At Thomson Schindle Green (TSG) Insurance Company, our team of insurance brokers have seen it all when it comes to auto insurance in Alberta, and have been there to help our many clients through the process following an accident.

Finance Alberta has outlines the procedures of “What to do after an Auto Collision,” including providing a downloadable Summary and Collision Worksheet Form in PDF format at They “recommend that you print this document and keep it in your glove compartment, along with a spare pen.” Read more