Snow Tires: Offering Peace of Mind for your Alberta Car Insurance

There is no doubt about how harsh winters can be. When it comes to snowfall and ice, commuters often find themselves facing roads that have yet to be plowed or salted, yet they still have places to reach. There are some provinces that now offer insurance discounts for snow tires, but not all areas can take advantage of this.

Snow tires are now mandatory in parts of Quebec and British Columbia. In Ontario, insurance discounts for mounting winter tires on your vehicle begin on January 1, 2016. While Alberta has yet to follow suit, jurisdictional changes could force providers to pick up the discounting policy in the future.

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Is Your Home Insurance in Calgary Up for Extreme Weather?

Most people do not put too much thought into their homeowner’s insurance coverage after they buy it, that is, until they need it. If your homeowner’s policy is limited as to what types of calamities it will cover, you may be inadequately covered when it comes to the extreme weather of Calgary, Alberta.

The Importance of Home Insurance in Calgary

According to an article in The Globe and Mail, Alberta sees more insurance claims, but that is due to the extreme weather conditions this area is prone to. The Insurance Bureau of Canada said that 62 percent of losses reported were due to natural disasters and in 2012, those claims totalled more than $730 million. These disasters were not always dire emergencies, but often included:

  • Heavy rain
  • Winds
  • Hail
  • Flooding

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Get a Home Insurance Quote Online and Buy with TSG Insurance

Shopping for home insurance does not mean you have to call around or go in to order your policy. In fact, with TSG Insurance’s new online quote generator, you can go through the steps of setting up your quote, taking advantage of special offers and then deciding if you are ready to buy; all without calling in.

Online Quote for Home Insurance in Calgary—6 Easy Steps

The TSG Insurance quote generator can be conveniently found on our site. Simply select if you are shopping for home insurance. Then, follow these quick and easy steps:

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Everything You Need to Know About Condo Insurance in Calgary

When you own a condo, you may assume you do not need the same insurance protections that homeowners do. The reality, however, is you need just as much. After all, your condo is your property and if anything happens to it, damage expenses come from your wallet. Condo owners should never rely on the condo complex owner’s master policy to protect them. Individual unit owners still have a collective responsibility to insure their own, privately-owned areas just like the condominium complex owner is required to insure those common, public areas of the complex.

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is what covers the inside of your condo. The type of coverage you will need is dictated by the condo association’s master policy. Typically you will be required to cover items such as your appliances, interior walls, personal property, etc. Your insurance also will protect you from liability claims, such as someone being injured within your condo and attempting to sue you for payment.

Your condo insurance policy is designed to cover what the association’s master policy cannot cover. Master policies can consist of one of two things:

  • All-In Condo Master Policy – This is referred to also as a single unit policy that covers fixtures in your condo including wiring, appliances, plumbing, carpets, etc. but does not cover your personal property.
  • Bare Walls Master Policy – This only covers what is outside of your condo walls. It may also have exclusions regarding plumbing and wiring; so if a pipe bursts on your floor inside your wall, you are responsible for repairing it.

Most condo owners feel that their master policy is all they need, but associations that use bare walls policies often leave condo owners with little to no coverage for personal property or anything inside their unit.

Your condo association’s coverage is meant for the exterior and common grounds. That means you are left unprotected when it comes to fire, water damage, theft or even vandalism inside your unit. Also, if your unit causes water damage to another unit, you could be liable for that damage; proper insurance can help protect you from all of this.


Things to Consider When Reviewing Condo Insurance Quotes

When purchasing condo insurance, you need to assess all of your risks. Not all policies cover for things like:

  • Mold
  • Hurricanes
  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Special assessments
  • Appliances

Meet with an insurance specialist at TSG Insurance today to find out just what level of condo insurance you need for your unit. We can review your condo association’s master policy to look for lapses and ensure that all of your personal belongings and your condo are protected. Contact us online to get started or call us toll-free at 800-830-9423.

5 Tips on Commercial Insurance in Calgary and Surrounding Areas of Alberta

There are a surprising number of businesses in the country operating without any insurance or lacking significantly in coverage. If you have skipped out on commercial insurance just to cut down your costs, you could be putting your biggest investment at risk. In today’s economic climate, businesses are at risk for data breaches, civil lawsuits, and much more. Operating without coverage is a highly volatile situation, and one that is not always likely to end well or remain risk-free.

How to Purchase Commercial Insurance in Calgary

Commercial insurance, also known as liability insurance, protects your business regardless of the industry. Whether you are in transportation or need realty insurance plans, follow these tips to ensure you find the right level of coverage:

  1. Shop Around – You should never stop at simply taking the first batch of commercial insurance Alberta quotes and going ahead with a purchase. Instead, you need to compare different companies to see how each one’s insurance policy coverage and terms vary. You would be surprised at how much of a range there is for liability coverage. Compare not just the final price, but the coverage and exclusions for that price as well.
  2. Package Your Coverage – Each type of business and industry will have special coverage requirements. Instead of purchasing separate plans, consider combining your coverage. For example, farm and ranch commercial insurance plans may require general liability as well as livestock coverage, farm building coverage, etc.
  3. Know Your Risks – As a business owner, you should have a general idea about the types of risks your business faces. Keep in mind that insurers will also look at your acceptable risk model to determine if your company is worth insuring. For example, a general retail store may not have as many risks to insure as a bonding or surety firm.
  4. Use a Broker – You should never shop for commercial insurance on your own. While you may assume you can negotiate better pricing, working with an agent that understands the unique needs of your business and the insurance industry often yields the best possible rates. Agents at TSG Insurance, for example, can do a risk assessment to help find the right level of commercial liability coverage based on your business attributes and the industry you operate within.

If you need commercial insurance, speak with the experts at TSG Insurance for commercial coverage in Medicine Hat, Brooks and Calgary. We help businesses of all sizes and in all industries find the coverage they need. Contact us online or call us toll-free at 800-830-9423.