How Good Commercial Insurance Can Protect Your Business

Starting a new business venture in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks is exciting and has the potential to net you a lot of profit and personal fulfillment. Doing business, however, is not without its risks and perils, and not adequately protecting your business against these risks can cost you a lot of time and money.

Securing a good Alberta commercial insurance quote from a trusted insurance provider such as TSG Insurance can help protect your business against:

– Building and content damage

Coverage for building or content damage will give you peace of mind in the event of any unforeseen damage to your property. It will allow you to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible without worrying about paying for damage out of pocket.


– Asset theft due to crime or employee dishonesty


Crime, fraud, and employee dishonesty are unfortunate but often inevitable realities of running a business. You never know when your assets may be targeted for theft, and it is important to be protected if or when they are so that they can quickly be replaced.


– Third party losses


There are many different reasons why a business may become liable for third party losses in day-to-day commercial operations. Coverage for third party losses, known as liability insurance, helps protect your business from potential claims that require compensation.


– Third party losses caused by the operation of your vehicles


If your business owns or leases vehicles which are then operated by you or by your employees, then you need to be able to protect against claims of third party losses caused by their operation, such as injury or physical damage.


– Business income losses


Business income losses due to specific insured perils can replaced if your business is properly covered and insured against such perils. Insured perils often include fire, vehicle impact, smoke, explosions, lightning, and other such occurrence which could result in income loss.


– Client loss and payment obligations


Surety, contract, and other types of miscellaneous bonds can help protect your business if a client is lost or contractual obligations to a client are not met due to factors such as employee incompetence, theft, or fraud.


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If your Alberta business is in need of a good commercial insurance policy that is made to fit your specific needs, then let the commercial insurance experts at TSG Insurance help. We offer online commercial insurance quotes, as well as conveniently located offices in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Bassano and Brooks.


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Finding the Right Business Insurance for Your Alberta Business

Alberta is home to many different types of businesses, all of which require the right type of business insurance in order to function as effectively as possible. Business insurance for your Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks business should never be a one-size-fits-all deal. Each policy and each business insurance quote should be crafted to meet the needs of the specific business it is intended to cover.

At TSG Insurance we offer many types of commercial and business insurance in Alberta, including:

– Commercial and Industrial


Businesses face a variety of risks and perils every single day. These risks necessitate protection from potential damage to property, contents, and assets, and protection from theft, third party losses, business income loses, and client losses.


– Energy Industry Solutions


Businesses in the energy industry often acquire a complex array of policies and coverage in order to protect against all possible risks. TSG Insurance strives to combine all of these policies into a simple program which you can customize according to your needs.


– Farm and Ranch


The farming and ranching industries need specialized products which you won’t find on one-size-fits-all policies. Our plans are crafted to provide coverage for your home, your farm buildings, your equipment, your tools, and even for your antiques.


– Bonding and Surety


Contract bonding can help protect your business against income loss due to client loss or unfulfilled contractual obligations. TSG Insurance represents the top surety companies in Western Canada, and has two decades of experience providing businesses with specialized bonds.




T-PAK is TSG Insurance’s way of making business insurance simpler and more effective. It allows you to combine all of your insurance contracts into a single monthly payment.


– Transportation


Not every business faces significant transportation risks, but those that do require specialized policies which can help them cover losses from transportation damage. At TSG Insurance we offer programs for everything from oilfield vehicles to one truck operations.


– Realty


Being in the property business comes with unique obligations that other businesses don’t have. Whether you are the landlord of a small apartment of the owner of a large commercial property, we’ll find the right policy for you.


– Associations


TSG Insurance offers specialty services to construction, law enforcement, senior, and oilmen’s associations.


Get Free Alberta Business Insurance Quotes from TSG Insurance


If you’re looking for online business insurance quotes and Alberta commercial insurance offices, then look no further than TSG Insurance. Give us a call or visit TSG Insurance at one of our locations today and our knowledgeable business insurance experts will help you figure out how to keep your business protected, even in tough economic times. At TSG Insurance, We have you covered.