Introducing the Subro-Gators: TSG Insurance Dodge Ball Team Hits Hard

Insurance is about mitigating risk, and while most brokers try to avoid risks, sometimes the rewards are simply too great. This was the case when the TSG Dodge Ball team “Subro-Gators” stepped up at the first annual Dodge Brawl tournament, pitting teams from Medicine Hat and area against each other for medals and to benefit charity of their choice.

The Canalta Centre hosted the extravaganza with the tournament on July 16, 2016 and featured 24 teams, split into four playing arenas. The Canalta Centre, with a capacity of 7,000 is owned by the City of Medicine Hat and managed by SMG Canada where Jason Colwill is the event manager, and an organizer of Dodge Brawl 2016.

“It’s an exciting thing to get people into the building and also just to get people interacting with one another,” said Colwill. “The last couple of weeks, we’ve been putting it all together, scheduling the pools and brackets. It took a little work, but here we are, and it’s going smoothly. For a new event, we’re very stoked about that. ” Read more

Watercraft Insurance in Alberta

Alberta, in the heart of the prairies, is also a land of lakes with some formed by glaciers and others man-made reservoirs, andBoat insurance Alberta when it comes to summer Albertans are lake bound. For many, this means a day of boating and frolic on the water. In the ‘heat’ of the moment, with the car packed and the kids ready to go insurance if often the farthest thing from our minds and budgets.

The question then is, do you need boat insurance in Alberta? To answer this question, the professionals at Thomson Schindle Green Insurance and Financial Services Ltd. (TSG) suggest that it’s important to first look at a few boating statistics. A Canadian Red Cross study examining boating deaths across Canada, found 50 percent of boating deaths could have been prevented by simply wearing a life jacket. Men accounted for 87 percent of boating deaths. Indigenous people were five times less likely to wear a life-jacket than other boaters. Drinking was a major factor, with alcohol found in 43 percent of boating deaths so wait until you’re back on shore to have a drink. Read more

Alberta Home Insurance and Natural Disasters

The Fort McMurray wildfire took more than 2400 buildings, many of them homes. There were more than 27,000 personal insurance claims with an average claims value of $81,000 each, and roughly 5,000 commercial claims averaging $250,000 each according to Carolyn Rennie, managing director of Toronto-based Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc., which compiled the estimate.

At TSG Insurance, we understand that home insurance is a fundamental tool for assessing, managing, and mitigating disaster risk. In the case of fire, policies typically cover damages as well as additional living expenses during the time people are forced to leave their homes following an evacuation order. In Fort McMurray, this means home, condo, business, and vehicle claims ranging from $20,000 to $12-million on policies offering a range of coverage. Read more

Financial Planning for Retirement in Alberta

The Globe and Mail reported in February 2016 that “Half of Canadian couples between 55 and 64 have no employer pension between them, and of those, less than 20 per cent of middle-income families have saved enough to adequately supplement government benefits and the Canada/Quebec Pension Plan,” according to a Broadbent Institute report.

The article goes on to note that the “Canada Pension Plan pays out a maximum $12,780 a year. But many retirees don’t qualify for the maximum – the average CPP payment for men last year was $7,626 while the average for women was $5,922. Seniors also collect Old Age Security payments to a maximum of $6,839, while the poorest seniors can collect the Guaranteed Annual Income.”

An Ipsos-Reid survey done for the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA-Canada) reports that 25 percent of their respondents have never made a savings contribution and 29 percent said they had no money left over to save after paying expenses. Particular problems today include debt; a lack of pension provision; wanting to support children through education and beyond; caring for parents; and, for wealthier people, inheritance tax. When it comes to financial planning, the main issues remain pensions, mortgages, wills, and life insurance. Read more

Ways to Lower your Alberta Auto Insurance Rates

Young, single drivers face some of the highest auto insurance rates due to inexperience and the statistical likelihood of a crash being higher. Fortunately, there are some ways that these drivers can reduce their insurance rates and save some money.

New drivers who’ve completed a registered driver training course can usually recoup the cost of the course in the first year, and subsequently save a significant amount of money. The good student discount applies to both high school and university students. Students will be required to present proof of the required average grade in order to qualify and must re-qualify each year.

Another area that can generate savings is vehicle choice. Cars that carry a strong safety rating as well as a lower incidence of theft are the best bet for a young single driver. Sports cars and SUVs already carry higher insurance rates and adding a young driver will also carry a premium increase. A used car may carry a lower value and thus may also come with a lower premium than the same car brand new. Smart shopping when choosing a car is the best way to ensure low rates. Read more