What to Do After an Auto Collision

auto insuranceA car accident, regardless of the severity, can be traumatizing and complicated by the immediate chaos. After an accident many drivers are uncertain as to what they should do or if it is even necessary to involve the police. At Thomson Schindle Green (TSG) Insurance Company, our team of insurance brokers have seen it all when it comes to auto insurance in Alberta, and have been there to help our many clients through the process following an accident.

Finance Alberta has outlines the procedures of “What to do after an Auto Collision,” including providing a downloadable Summary and Collision Worksheet Form in PDF format at finance.alberta.ca. They “recommend that you print this document and keep it in your glove compartment, along with a spare pen.” Read more

The Importance of Tenant Insurance

tenant insuranceWhy is tenant insurance important when you’re renting in Alberta? It’s a common question and with growing home prices, and an increasing focus on the rental accommodation market, there’s an increased likelihood that Canadians will increasingly be renting rather than owning their home, condo, or apartment unit and if that’s you, you’ve worked hard for your stuff and both you and your stuff deserve protection.

According to a January 2017 Global News update, “Renter’s insurance, also known as tenants or contents insurance, will help replace possessions in your rental unit in the event of loss, theft, or damage. And while it’s relatively inexpensive, experts say many renters are still going without insurance.” Read more

Flood Prevention & Alberta Insurance

flood preventionUnfortunately, Albertan’s have become far too familiar with flooding. According to a March 2017 Globe and Mail article, “Whether you own a new or resale home, you run the risk of water damage from water originating inside your house (leaky pipes, toilet or appliances) or outside (overloaded city sewers, powerful rain storms, fast-melting snow, floods). A study issued by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries found that water accounted for 48 per cent of home insurance claims in 2011, compared with 4 per cent for fire, 18 per cent for theft and 30 per cent for other losses.”

At Thomson Schindle Green Insurance Company, as a full-service, independently-operated insurance brokerage, we provide a broad range of insurance options for you to choose from, being careful not to overlook anything that needs to be covered, and we custom build your policy to fit your individual needs including sewer-backup coverage, and overland water protection.

As with sewer backup, overland water protection is priced according to the insurer’s analysis of how risky your neighbourhood is for water-related claims. Your area’s risk rating determines your premium, and possibly your deductible and limit on coverage as well. Read more