Prepare the Farm for Winter

farming insuranceFarm Work on the farm never seems to end. There is always something to be done, fences to be mended, tending to the chicken coop, and taking care of the various farm implements. With winter descending upon us, now is a great time to conduct annual maintenance before it becomes unbearably cold outside. Not only is fall perfect for catching up on yearly maintenance items, but it is also a good idea to revisit your insurance policies. If you live in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks, a TSG Insurance agent can sit down with you and go over your farm insurance needs. We provide insurance services and financial planning to keep your agricultural business safe and let you do what you do best…run a profitable farming operation. Read more

What to Consider When Choosing Farm Insurance

farm insuranceFarming makes up a significant portion of Alberta’s economy. Spotted along the landscape are a variety of family farms, ranches, and dairies. When a notable loss of crops, livestock, equipment, or structures occurs, the result can be incredibly devastating to generations of farmers and businesses. Can you recover if you lost your buildings to severe weather, such as a tornado?

Protect your farm now and for future generations. Take the time to discuss your insurance options with a TSG Insurance agent in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks. We can assist you in determining all the areas of your farming business and get you the coverage and financial planning support you need. The best time to protect your business and family is now, before tragedy strikes. Read more

Staying Safe in Severe Weather and Preventing Injury

Farm insurance and safetySevere weather can strike at any time while you are in your home, out in the fields, or traveling back and forth to town. During the transition between seasons, it is essential to keep your eye on the sky, and pay attention to what is happening up in the big blue beyond. While it might be easy to think that the swirling clouds above you are bringing a tornado, lightning can just as easily be the result of the dark skies. It is critical that you keep safe at home and in the field. Before bad weather strikes and causes damage, a TSG Insurance agent in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks, can help you get the insurance protection you need. Read more

Common Misconceptions about the Insurance Industry

In today’s age of technology, you might think it makes sense to shop for your insurance needs online. It is convenient. You can even buy insurance while surfing in bed. You might also think you will save quite a bit of money when you use your internet search engine to seek out the best insurance rates. These are just a few misconceptions about the insurance industry. When you believe some of the myths out there, you may be missing out on getting your particular insurance needs suitably met. If you live in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks, a TSG Insurance agent can help dispel those myths and misconceptions, and find the best coverage for your needs.

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Do You Think “It Could Not Happen to Me?” – Insurance Statistics Tell a Different Story

How often do you watch, listen, or read in the news about a tragic car accident that seriously injured and killed a driver or the passengers? Maybe it was a family headed out on holiday only to never reach their destination because of an accident. What about those stories of homeowners losing everything to flooding, fire, or other natural disasters? How often do you stop to consider that tragedy could have been you or someone you love? It is definitely easy to hear about all these stories and think they could never happen to you; however, the statistics say otherwise. When you have the right insurance, you can ease the stress and burden that occurs when things go wrong. Whether you live in Medicine Hat, Calgary, or Brooks, TSG Insurance can help you get the coverage you need to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Read more