Where Alberta Farmers Go for Financial Planning -TSG Helping Farmers Protect their Future for Generations to Come

Life for an Albertan farmer is one of love for the land and livestock. It is not easy, but it is rewarding. Each season brings new experiences and sometimes anxieties as you face inclement weather or natural disasters. Too much or too little rain can kill your crops. Mechanical failures can leave you in a lurch during harvest. However, you keep plugging along because you know it is worth it in the end. You are leaving a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

When Mother Nature is at her worst, who can you turn to for help? How can you keep the farm in the family? You need help and Thomson, Schindle, Green Insurance and Financial Services, Ltd. (TSG) is here to help. Our multi-disciplined agricultural consulting team will work with you to navigate the tenuous world of growing food and livestock with financial planning tailored to your unique needs.

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Snow Tire Sales to Increase this Winter – A Handy Reminder from TSG Insurance Services

As fall turns to winter, are you ready for the slip-sliding of your car on the snow and ice? As Canadians, most of us do realize that we need to drive differently when bad weather creeps in. It only takes the first snowfall to find your car in a ditch because your tires could not handle the cold. One way to stay safer on the roads is to put snow tires on your automobile. Snow tires (also called winter tires) are built to handle the frigid temperatures to keep you safer on the road.

Sales of winter tires are expected to increase through 2027 as more cars become a commodity and less of a luxury. Many countries recognize that driver safety is paramount during inclement weather. The same holds for Canadians where some provinces require drivers to put snow tires on their car. Some insurance companies offer discounts for making the seasonal switch. Talk to a broker at Thomson, Schindle, Green Insurance, and Financial Services to obtain insurance quotes and discuss potential discounts. Our knowledgeable team will discuss your needs and find the best package for you.

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