Millennials: Plan for a Better Financial Future Now – How the TSG Team can Help You with Financial Planning and Insurance  

Financial planning in Alberta

While fun and exciting, entering adulthood also comes with great responsibility. When you’re young, it’s likely that you will be faced with making big decisions about your future. Therefore, it’s important to make informed decisions now to ensure you set yourself up for long-term success.

For millennials, financial planning and purchasing insurance are more likely to fall further down the list of priorities. After all, freedom at a young age comes at a cost, especially if you earn an entry-level salary. With your monthly income, you may need to pay bills, buy personal items, and have enough to cover an active social life. Fortunately, financial freedom is more attainable than you may have been led to believe. At Thomson Schindle & Green (TSG), our team of dedicated insurance brokers can provide you with high-quality financial planning and insurance solutions to meet your unique needs and bring you peace of mind.

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Attention Canadians: Do You Have a Sufficient Emergency Fund? – Let TSG Help Guide the Way

Insurance company in AlbertaWhen it comes to personal finances, the number of things you are expected to cover can be very overwhelming. However, if there’s one area we advise you focus on it is to start building an emergency fund. An emergency fund is easily accessible money that you set aside to help you cover any unexpected expenses that don’t allow time for you to adjust your existing budget. What classifies as an emergency can often depend on your age, lifestyle, and income.

If you’re wondering how to get your emergency fund started or you’re concerned about how much you should have saved for a rainy day, let our independently-operated insurance broker offices at Thomson, Schindle & Green (TSG) help lead the way to financial security. Meet with a friendly and experienced professional at one of our convenient office locations to begin preparing for all your financial planning needs.

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