7 Tips for Improving Your Business’ Cybersecurity


According to a poll commissioned by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, almost one in five businesses were affected by a cyberattack in the last two years. Here are seven things you can do as a business owner to shore up your cybersecurity.




    1. Teach your staff about cybersecurity

One weak link can leave your business vulnerable to a cyberattack. Ensure that all your employees are able to recognize phishing attempts and suspicious email requests and know to use strong passwords.


    1. Limit access to user data

Human error is a common factor in cyberattacks. To mitigate this risk, limit access to accounts with sensitive, exploitable information. And if an employee leaves your company, immediately take security measures such as changing passwords and collecting ID badges and entry keys.


    1. Keep software updated

Having trusted antivirus software and firewalls installed on your systems is crucial. But it’s also extremely important that you keep these tools updated. This also applies to any software you use, especially operating systems. Of the main reasons developers update software is to shore up potential vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could exploit.


    1. Improve building security

Cybercriminals often obtain login data and other exploitable information by gaining entry to a building. Having a good security setup is essential. This includes quality locks, alarms and security cameras as well as visitor supervision and access control.


    1. Back up files

Be sure to back up your files to the cloud or another place that isn’t connected to your company’s network. That way, you’ll still have access to all your information if your network is compromised. This protects you against ransomware attacks in particular. If you can retrieve all your data on the cloud, these attempts at extortion won’t be effective.


    1. Have your cybersecurity assessed

Consider having your cybersecurity professionally evaluated by a trusted assessment service. Professionals can identify vulnerable spots in your cybersecurity and give you solutions for strengthening your protection.


    1. Have good cyber insurance

Even if you take the right precautions, you can never eliminate the risk of a cyberattack. It’s important to have cyber insurance coverage so that you’re financially protected against data breaches and other cybersecurity issues. Many insurance companies now offer this type of coverage among their business insurance products.


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