The Collector’s Guide to Insurance: Keep Your Hobby Collection Safe

As a collector, you have probably spent countless hours researching and gathering your valuable collection. Maybe you accumulate vintage baseball cards. Possibly you collect antique cars. Whatever your passion – toys, stamps, dolls, etc. – is it safe in the event of calamity? If you faced a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flooding, would you be able to recoup your losses?

Protect your classic cars or coin collection with a specialized hobby policy. Even though a theft can happen, other property damage is a more common reason for losing a collection. While you may think your homeowner’s policy will cover your loss, that is not always the case. Often, a homeowner’s policy will not pay nearly enough to begin the process of re-establishing your collection. When you talk to a TSG Insurance broker, you can get the best policy coverage to give you peace of mind and allow you to continue enjoying your hobby.

Suggestions to Protect Your Investment and Enjoy Your Hobby

Enjoy your hobby for years to come when you protect your investment with the following tips:

•    Obtain Hobby Insurance – Purchase a customized insurance plan to ensure years of enjoyment. Besides theft coverage, some additional benefits you may experience include:
o    Severe Weather Coverage
o    Coverage for damage during a restoration process
o    Protection during shipping
•    Use Protective Cases or Covers – Exposure to the sun or dust can quickly diminish the value of your collectibles. Protect your stamps, comic books, sports cards, or coins from fading and dust by putting them in a protective case or cover.
•    Take Pictures – Before your insure your valuable items, take pictures and secure them in a safe place. In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, having a picture available can be a huge help.
•    Keep an Inventory – Another way to help protect your hobby collection is by maintaining a list of exactly what you have. Make a list and include information, such as:
o    Artist/Maker
o    Title
o    Date
o    Type of Object
o    Materials Used
o    Any Inscriptions or Markings on the Object
•    Maintain Climate Control – To keep your valuables in tip-top shape, pay close attention to where you store or display your items. Avoid narrow hallways when hanging a piece of artwork. Resist storing items in areas of your home subject to dramatic temperature changes like basements, attics, or even above fireplaces.

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