Flood Insurance for Your Home or Business in Alberta

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– Helpful Advice from Your Dependable TSG Insurance Brokers

If you pay attention to the news, barely a day goes by where some weather disaster hasn’t occurred. Devastating tornadoes, killer earthquakes, and life-threatening forest fires line up to make the next day’s headline. Back in 2013, many southern Albertans lived the headlines when widespread flooding occurred in their towns. Homeowner after a homeowner found overland waters encroaching in their cities and homes.

Flood insurance used to be unavailable to Canadians until recently. Residents had to depend on federal and provincial taxes to pay for all the damages. The professional brokers at Thomson Schindle Green (TSG) can help you obtain the protection you deserve to rebuild in the event disaster strikes, and the flood gates pour forth.

Flood Insurance to Protect Your Investment

Avoid relying on government aid to replace your home. On the contrary, you may only get enough to get by, not to heal. You are entitled to more when you choose to purchase flood insurance:

  • Tips to Protect Your Home: You may not be able to stop the waters from flowing into your home or business, but you can make some preparations. We wrote about getting ready on our blog in these posts: read more and click here. These few tips can help in your time of need:
    • Waterproof your basement.
    • Keep debris from your gutters and eavestroughs.
    • Clear away snow from your roof.
    • Anchor furnaces, water heaters, and similar items to the floor.
    • Make a detailed home inventory and keep it current.
    • Assemble a safety kit especially for disasters.
    • Establish a 72-hour emergency preparedness play for your household.
  • Comprehensive Water Coverage: While your homeowner’s policy may cover sewer backup and burst pipes, it will not take over when overland flooding occurs. When rivers or other bodies of water overflow their boundaries, the result is devastating.
  • Someone to Help File a Claim: If a flood takes over, you can get the support you need through your TSG broker. Contact us immediately to get advice and take timely next steps like taking photographs and keeping receipts to make your claim move quickly.
  • Flexible and Cost-Effective: Flood insurance does not cost as much as you may think, but it offers you peace of mind in the event of water damage.

Reliable Flood Insurance Services to Get You Back on Your Feet

As the water rises and overflows, be rest assured you can get back on your feet. Since the 1980s, the experienced professionals at TSG have helped homeowners and business owners in Calgary, Brooks, and Medicine Hat with all their insurance needs. Our licensed brokers are familiar with the challenges associated with protecting your residential or commercial property. Contact us and discover the difference in working with us.

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