Flood Prevention & Alberta Insurance

flood preventionUnfortunately, Albertan’s have become far too familiar with flooding. According to a March 2017 Globe and Mail article, “Whether you own a new or resale home, you run the risk of water damage from water originating inside your house (leaky pipes, toilet or appliances) or outside (overloaded city sewers, powerful rain storms, fast-melting snow, floods). A study issued by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries found that water accounted for 48 per cent of home insurance claims in 2011, compared with 4 per cent for fire, 18 per cent for theft and 30 per cent for other losses.”

At Thomson Schindle Green Insurance Company, as a full-service, independently-operated insurance brokerage, we provide a broad range of insurance options for you to choose from, being careful not to overlook anything that needs to be covered, and we custom build your policy to fit your individual needs including sewer-backup coverage, and overland water protection.

As with sewer backup, overland water protection is priced according to the insurer’s analysis of how risky your neighbourhood is for water-related claims. Your area’s risk rating determines your premium, and possibly your deductible and limit on coverage as well.

The City of Edmonton’s Flood Prevention Program was developed as a direct response to the flooding of 4,000 Edmonton homes in July of 2004, and includes The Homeowner’s Guide to Flood Prevention, which offers some quick, inexpensive actions you can take that will make a difference in reducing your flood risk:
• Plug the leaks – A ladder, silicone, and time are all you need to seal holes or cracks in your eavestroughs, downspouts, downspout extensions, sidewalks, patio, and driveway.
• Repair or replace downspout extensions – This might be a matter of simply putting down the extension that’s already there or putting back the splash pad. Purchasing and installing extensions or splash pads is inexpensive but very important in getting water away from foundation walls. Do not direct the downspout extensions towards a neighbouring property.
• Clean your eavestroughs and downspouts – A gloved hand or garden spade, ladder and garden hose are what you need to get the job done.
• Backfill under steps and decks – This is often the weak spot in lot grading, fill the depression and get the ground sloping downhill away from the house again.
• Top up sunken areas around the foundation – Ground around your basement settles over time. Raising that up with some dirt and shovel work will re-establish a positive slope (grade) again at little or no cost. Consulting with adjacent property owners is very important when re-grading between homes.

Part of the Edmonton Flood Prevention Program includes a free service called the Flood Prevention Home Checkup. A drainage specialist can help you identify drainage problems and solutions right at your home. For more information on the program, log on to www.edmonton.ca/floodprevention.

If you have questions about flood insurance and prevention, contact Thomson Schindle Green Insurance Company at 1-800-830-9423 to speak with one of our highly qualified representatives or visit one of our offices in Bassano, Brooks, Calgary, Edmonton, and Medicine Hat today.