Help! I Was in a Car Accident in Calgary and Now I’m Being Sued

Auto insurance after accidentIt is a dark and stormy night. As you drive down the lane to your in-laws, a car appears out of nowhere, and before you know it, you collide. The damage is minor. The cops are called; insurance information is exchanged; all is well with the world. Then suddenly, you are served with papers the next morning, and to your horror, you are being sued! Immediately, the fear creeps in as you recount that night. It was a minor accident. No one was hurt. How can this happen? Are you prepared to handle the situation now?

Unfortunately, this scenario is not the start of a cheesy novella by a pooch sitting on top of his doghouse typing away at a typewriter. This is all too common. An accident can occur months earlier, and just when you think everything is taken care of, you are socked with a subpoena. If you are being sued, time is of the essence. There are certain steps you need to take at once. When your vehicle is covered by policies through TSG Insurance Company, you can be rest assured that you have help and guidance for the next steps to follow.

Being Sued Isn’t the End of the World – Get Help from the Right Insurance Services in Alberta

Receiving a summons scares even the bravest among us. We encourage you to take a deep breath before you call your attorney. First, take in this basic guide to help ease your mind and prepare you for next steps from the website of the Provincial Court of Alberta:

  • Time limit for suing: You might wonder why an accident that occurred several months ago has now come to light. This is because the plaintiff has two years from the date of injury or damages in a car accident to sue the other person.
  • Proof of Facts: The burden of proof is on the party that is suing. They have to prove the following to the court:
    • The accident did occur
    • Who the driver or owner of the car is
    • How it happened
    • Who caused it
    • Justify the amount they are suing for
  • Consequences of ignoring the claim: The moment you receive the complaint, reach out to your insurance agent for help. They can assist you by stepping in and negotiating or settling on your behalf.

If you did not have insurance at the time of the accident, the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program (MVAC) might get involved. Their purpose is to assist those injured in a crash caused by an uninsured motorist through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act. For more information, visit the MVAC website.

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