How to Find the Best Home Insurance

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all home insurance policy in Calgary. Your home is as unique as you are – with possessions, features and value that are not the same as a friend, family or neighbour. Therefore, it is important you have adequate coverage in the event something does happen.

Getting the right coverage is not difficult. In fact, just consulting with a trusted insurance broker in Calgary can help you find the right coverage and premium for your home. It is important, however, that you understand the steps to finding the right level of coverage, so that you can make an informed decision about home insurance in Calgary.

Tips for Finding the Best Homeowner’s Insurance in Calgary, Medicine Hat or Brooks

Not taking the time to find the right level of coverage will cost you. Whether it is when you file a claim or just paying your annual premium, make sure you are truly getting what you are paying for within your home insurance policy.

  • Compare Rates – Never go with the first home insurance policy you find. Instead, compare rates from multiple carriers to see the premiums, deductibles and what level of coverage you get for the price.
  • Compare Insurer Reputations – Unfortunately, there are some insurers out there that do not have the best reputation. These are often the budget insurance companies that hook you with cheap premiums. Just like you compare prices, make the effort to also compare the insurance company’s reputation.
  • Assess Your Risks – Every home is different and depending on where your home is located, your risks may be higher or lower than others. For example, if you live in a flood-prone area, you will want to add flood or water damage coverage to your home insurance in Sherwood Park. Not all policies automatically cover water damage; therefore, it is important to discuss this with your insurance broker.
  • Take a Thorough Inventory – If you want contents coverage or personal property coverage, you need to take a thorough inventory of your home. Write down the items, their estimated value, and replacement costs so that you can pick the right level of insurance coverage to replace those items if they are ever lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Consult Reliable Insurance Brokers – It is hard to estimate on your own how much insurance you need or even what your liabilities may be. So, it is best to speak with an insurance broker who can evaluate your home and help you identify which homeowner’s insurance policy is right for you. An experienced broker can also compare rates from multiple insurance carriers.

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