Millennials: Plan for a Better Financial Future Now – How the TSG Team can Help You with Financial Planning and Insurance  

Financial planning in Alberta

While fun and exciting, entering adulthood also comes with great responsibility. When you’re young, it’s likely that you will be faced with making big decisions about your future. Therefore, it’s important to make informed decisions now to ensure you set yourself up for long-term success.

For millennials, financial planning and purchasing insurance are more likely to fall further down the list of priorities. After all, freedom at a young age comes at a cost, especially if you earn an entry-level salary. With your monthly income, you may need to pay bills, buy personal items, and have enough to cover an active social life. Fortunately, financial freedom is more attainable than you may have been led to believe. At Thomson Schindle & Green (TSG), our team of dedicated insurance brokers can provide you with high-quality financial planning and insurance solutions to meet your unique needs and bring you peace of mind.

Why Millennials Should Consider Financial Planning and Insurance

Don’t wait until you buy your first home or start a family to get your finances in order. An experienced TSG insurance broker can provide you with several insurance options, including auto insurance, to help you get the best and most dependable coverage available in Alberta.

If you are uncertain about what your financial future looks like, here are five reasons why you should talk to our expert advisors about financial planning and insurance:

  • Establish a Plan B: Life is full of unexpected events. Insurance works to protect your finances should anything happen. For instance, if you’re involved in an accident or become ill and are unable to continue working, an insurance policy can ensure you are not left without funds to pay for essential expenses.
  • You Seek Accountability: If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to your finances and want to know how to improve your financial situation, getting support from a financial planner is crucial. We can help you stay motivated and guide you along a process that holds you accountable to your future financial goals.
  • Get Cheaper Coverage: As you get older, premiums become increasingly more expensive. This is because the older you are, there is a higher risk of falling ill or facing age-related health and mobility issues. Buying insurance at a younger age will allow you start structuring your protection net and ensure that illnesses or injuries you may be afflicted by are included in the coverage. If you wait until you are older, your policy may not cover you for pre-existing conditions.
  • Merging Finances: If you are getting married to your partner and interested in merging your finances, you may have a lot questions. Do you need a joint account? Do you need to coordinate a financial independence strategy to be in retirement together? A professional can help you figure out how to successfully integrate your financial goals.
  • Saving for Retirement: For the millennials who are self-employed or feel “behind” on the retirement savings process, a financial planner can help you estimate your retirement needs and adjust your financial plans accordingly so you can worry less and focus more on working towards your goals instead.

Experienced Financial Planning Advice and Insurance Services

For millennials, having a comprehensive plan in place will strengthen your finances. Planning your finances can help you withstand unexpected events, take advantage of market opportunities, and may even ease you into an early retirement. At TSG, we are passionate about providing our clients from all walks of life with simplified insurance solutions, tailored to your needs. If you are ready to start working towards your financial goals and live near Medicine Hat, Calgary, or Brooks, visit one of our offices today.


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