Protect Your Investment with Our Insurance Services Before You Hit this Season’s Car Shows

Auto insurance in AlbertaSince the first car rolled off the assembly line, North America has had a fascination with the horseless carriage. From the Model T in the early 1900s to the muscle cars of the 1960s and 70s, innovation has led the way. Today’s cars continue on the path of their predecessors as our love affair has not waned.

The popularity of classic cars brings people out in droves to enjoy a lazy afternoon reminiscing about days gone by. Alberta has even declared July 14th as Collector Car Appreciation Day. More recently, one of Medicine Hat’s own antique car enthusiasts, Stuart Green, won a couple of awards at the World of Wheels in Edmonton. He owns a 1927 Model-T Ford hot rod that won best in its class and best engine. For Green, owning a classic car is a labour of love. He takes great pride in owning his vehicle, participating in shows, and driving it around.

If you own a collector car, you know that you need to be adequately insured to protect your precious investment. Antique cars usually require greater care for they don’t come with the safety features that modern cars are equipped with. The team at TSG Insurance Company provides insurance quotes and a wide range of services to help you stay on the road with confidence.

A Little Elbow Grease and an Insurance Quote from TSG Go a Long Way

To continue enjoying your Model T or your 1967 Shelby for years to come, you need a bit of elbow grease, adequate insurance protection, and practical advice from the pros:

  • Consistent Cleaning: Keep rough roads from ruining the body of your vehicle. Give it a proper handwashing to remove road salt and grime. It will also stop rust from taking over.
  • Wax a Couple of Times a Year: Want to make the new custom paint job “pop”? Grab the wax, rags and a shady spot under a tree to give your ride that polished shine it deserves.
  • Give the Interior a Little Love: Many antique cars have leather or vinyl interiors. Showing off the body is only part of the fun. While parked at a show, spectators will also want to admire the beauty within. Take time to protect the interior from sun damage and stains with leather creams, vinyl cleaners and UV blockers.
  • Be on Top of Oil Changes: Just like the newcomers, your classic baby will stay in form with regular oil changes. It keeps the engine running smooth and the automobile in tip-top shape.
  • Keep It Covered When Not in Use: Excessive exposure to the elements can age your beloved quickly. Wind can cause debris to scratch the paint. Too much rain and water can cause rust. Keep your car covered or in a garage.
  • Protect Your Classic Car with Proper Insurance: Be prepared for the unexpected. Heaven forbid, if you head home from a weekend show and are in a traffic accident, do you have the funds available to fix your precious baby? No matter how much you pamper your possession, nothing is more important than fortifying your priceless antique with sufficient insurance.

Since 1985, TSG has served Alberta citizens to protect their homes, automobiles, and lives. We tailor insurance packages to meet the needs of our customers, including collector cars, modern automobiles and trucks. Talk to a TSG Insurance professional today. Our licensed brokers will be glad to go over your coverage options.

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