Saving Money on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance sherwood parkCanada, and the rest of the world’s economy gets more and more confusing everyday as working individuals try to balance the demands of modern life while trying to find ways to keep some of those hard earned dollars. At the Thomson Schindle Green (TSG) Insurance Company we’ve heard our fellow Albertan’s and while there are certain factors out of our control when it comes to saving money on your vehicle insurance, there are others where we can help manage the cost and even save you money. Here’s a few ideas we’ve pulled together to help in your quest for the best coverage at affordable rates that met your budget:

  • Getting competitive quotes is the easiest way to make sure that you’re not overpaying for insurance by searching online quotes, and once you have those numbers and policy information, you can begin to compare value – cheap doesn’t always mean you are covered for your specific need.
  • If you own more than one vehicle then you can qualify for multi-vehicle savings, making sure you’re getting the best rate.
  • Compound products, like including homeowner’s, tenant or condo insurance, along with your vehicle insurance could save you a percentage off your total insurance cost.
  • A higher deductible, the amount you pay out of pocket if you have an accident, will lower your insurance premiums.
  • Choose your vehicle carefully –the average cost of claims for that make and model, four wheel drive vehicles, and how often a vehicle is stolen – all effectively raise your rates. Your driving record also has an impact so drive safe every day to keep your insurance rates low.
  • Install an anti-theft device and see if having an alarm or immobilizer installed in your vehicle can further reduce your rates.

These are the top six opportunities to save money but they are not the only ones. For young drivers (of any age), completing an accredited driver’s education course will result in significantly lower premiums for your car insurance in Canada. Go green and take the bus, train, or join a carpool group to save money on your insurance, and the other costs associated with driving your car to work – the more you drive, especially to and from work, the more likely you are to get in an accident and as such, you pay higher premiums. One final savings for those driving older model vehicles with higher mileage or that are in poor shape is cancelling your collision coverage and putting the premium savings towards purchasing another vehicle.

Car Insurance in Sherwood Park

Basic insurance coverage in Alberta means that there will always be a base fee to pay for the privilege of driving in the province so it is critical in managing expenses that you consider the must haves and the personalized coverage that suites your needs and budget. If you have insurance questions for your vehicles, home, or business, contact Thomson Schindle Green Insurance Company at 1-800-830-9423 to speak with one of our highly qualified representatives to receive a free quote or visit one of our offices in Bassano, Brooks, Calgary, Edmonton, and Medicine Hat today.

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