Snow Tire Sales to Increase this Winter – A Handy Reminder from TSG Insurance Services

As fall turns to winter, are you ready for the slip-sliding of your car on the snow and ice? As Canadians, most of us do realize that we need to drive differently when bad weather creeps in. It only takes the first snowfall to find your car in a ditch because your tires could not handle the cold. One way to stay safer on the roads is to put snow tires on your automobile. Snow tires (also called winter tires) are built to handle the frigid temperatures to keep you safer on the road.

Sales of winter tires are expected to increase through 2027 as more cars become a commodity and less of a luxury. Many countries recognize that driver safety is paramount during inclement weather. The same holds for Canadians where some provinces require drivers to put snow tires on their car. Some insurance companies offer discounts for making the seasonal switch. Talk to a broker at Thomson, Schindle, Green Insurance, and Financial Services to obtain insurance quotes and discuss potential discounts. Our knowledgeable team will discuss your needs and find the best package for you.

Stay Safe this Winter: Install Snow Tires

Safe driving should be everyone’s priority throughout all seasons. When it comes to the blustery Canadian winters, though, some extra precautions are crucial. To eliminate accidents on snow-covered roads, consider how winter tires can help:


  1. They Can Handle the Cold: When the temperature drops below 7°C, the rubber on your all-season tires gets hard, causing it to lose its grip on the road. It takes longer to stop, and you can quickly lose control. Winter tires are softer, so they hold to the pavement up to minus 40°C, giving you much more control of your vehicle.
  2. It Takes Less Distance to Stop: Because of their design that includes biting edges and better treads, these tires can handle the snow and ice. Thus, your stopping distance is diminished in comparison to all-weather rubber.
  3. It Takes Less to Get Going: Once again, this rubber design is made to grip better in the snow and on the ice. They give you better traction on when taking off from a stop.

Save money when you put snow tires on your car this season. Imagine the savings when you drive safely under adverse conditions and have the right equipment keeping you on the road. You will have fewer claims, and your premiums will not increase. You might even qualify for a discount.

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