Snow Tires: Offering Peace of Mind for your Alberta Car Insurance

There is no doubt about how harsh winters can be. When it comes to snowfall and ice, commuters often find themselves facing roads that have yet to be plowed or salted, yet they still have places to reach. There are some provinces that now offer insurance discounts for snow tires, but not all areas can take advantage of this.

Snow tires are now mandatory in parts of Quebec and British Columbia. In Ontario, insurance discounts for mounting winter tires on your vehicle begin on January 1, 2016. While Alberta has yet to follow suit, jurisdictional changes could force providers to pick up the discounting policy in the future.

Even without a Discount, Snow Tires are a Must

Even if your auto insurance online quotes do not give you a discount for snow tires, that does not mean you should be without them this winter. Snow tires offer numerous benefits to drivers, including:

  • Better Grip – When the roads are covered in ice and snow, your snow tires will be superior to all-season tires. That is because they are built for maximum traction on snowy and icy roads. Their softer rubber compounds and deep treads offer maximum gripping even on the slickest roads.
  • Better Braking – Snow and ice require you to brake in advance. For sudden movements, snow tires are superior. They will not lock up and skid on icy roads like all-season tires and can dig deeply into the snow for more control.
  • Complementing Traction Control – Even if your vehicle is equipped with traction control, your tires can spin out. Snow tires have a better grip, which means they enhance your vehicle’s built-in system.
  • Protects Seasonal Equipment – By using snow tires in the winter, you can preserve the life of your all-season tires and aftermarket alloy wheels. That is because you are not exposing them to the ice, salt and risk of rust.

Even if you do not qualify for an insurance discount, using snow tires in the winter just make sense. The good news is, if you invest in your snow tires now, when Alberta follows suit, you will be equipped and ready to take advantage of discounts. To see if you are fully covered, request auto insurance Alberta quotes from the team at TSG Insurance. Contact us online with your questions or call us toll-free at 800-830-9423.