The Prairie Lifestyle Program: Personal and Corporate Plans to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

The team at TSG Insurance and Financial Services Ltd. has been providing reliable insurance coverage and high quality financial services to thousands of Alberta residents for years. With plenty of experience and a strong reputation in the communities we serve, you can rely on us to understand your lifestyle and needs. We help our clients deal with extremely personal issues and very human realities. We provide services that range from: keeping a business going after a premature death, offering retirement income that creates financial independence, preserving dignity in the event of illness or disability, all the way to helping you understand the role of your executor and carefully plan for your estate. You can rely on our associates for friendly, understanding, and comprehensive service.

Common Prairie Lifestyle Client Issues

We have come across these issues time and time again and have tried and true methods to help. If you face the following lifestyle issues, you are not alone. Contact TSG Insurance & Financial Services Ltd. in Alberta for:

  • Full transparency and disclosure of the fees you pay on your investment funds
  • Determining how much income your savings will provide and what kind of lifestyle you can afford
  • Mortgage and loan insurance
  • Plans to tax-shelter excess company savings
  • Setting up a new business, from business partnership agreements to key person insurance
  • Changes in family structure
  • Employee benefits programs
  • Disability insurance to replacement income in case of serious injury or illness
  • Retirement or termination and the need to deal with severances and pensions
  • Passing business and personal assets forward to kids and charities
  • Audits to check beneficiaries, assignments, pricing, tax-sheltering opportunities
  • Helping grandkids get a start on financial and insurance planning
  • Aging and concerns about long term care
  • Assistance after being previously declined or highly rated for insurance coverage

At TSG, we are dedicated to making it simple for you to understand insurance and finances. We offer comprehensive coverage ranging from life, disability, critical illness, and long term care insurance. We provide guidance for your investment funds and tax-free savings accounts, and can also get a suitable benefit plan for your family or small business. No matter your financial or insurance questions, our team of associates can answer them and provide a solution.

If you are located in Medicine Hat, Brooks, Bassano, Edmonton and Calgary and want to maintain your Prairie lifestyle now and for your loved ones in the future, contact TSG Insurance and Financial Services Limited. Get a quote using our online tool or contact us online. You can also call us toll-free at 800-830-9423.