4 Steps to Controlling Your Finances as a Millennial

financial planning servicesBecoming an adult brings plenty to look forward to, like eating dessert before dinner, staying out as late as you want, and answering to the demands of a boss. Yes, graduating from school is a rite of passage that leads to the next adventure…“adulting.” Part of the fun of growing up and leaving home is growing in your career. Alberta is active in many economic sectors but is developed the highest in service industries such as healthcare, government, energy, and agriculture. Read more

You Are Never Too Young for Financial Planning

The young have the greatest advantage in preparing for their future. Few take advantage of the opportunities before them like how time and compounding interest work hand-in-hand. Many have never been taught proper money habits. They just follow the same pattern of their family and friends. For young professionals, the most significant benefit of their youth is the ability to rebound from financial mistakes quickly.

Even though it may seem like retirement is a lifetime away, one day they will wake up and discover that their golden years are just around the corner, and they will still have to work. Financial planning is not just for parents and grandparents. With some discipline, debts can be paid off, savings goals established, and a healthy, enjoyable retirement can be within reach. The team at TSG Insurance provides financial services that help you attain your goals and live life on your terms. Read more

Changes to Alberta’s Carbon Offset Program

For more than a decade, farmers have been able to take advantage of the carbon offset program run by Alberta’s Department of Environment and Parks. The program helps large industrial emitters comply with the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation by purchasing offset credits that other producers have made available.

Each year, Alberta farmers must register their aggregator. For the year 2018, the registration deadline is April 29th. This is a change from previous years in which farmers could claim the credit at the end of the season. This year, farmers need to identify the field for which they are planning on requesting credits.

If you have already registered your aggregator but have concerns about other aspects of your farming business, including insurance coverage, talk with a TSG Insurance agent in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks. We can help safeguard your farm and equipment for you and your family. Read more

Are You Prepared for Ottawa’s Proposed New Tax Changes?

Join Us on February 6th For a Free Information Session in AgInform!

Proposed federal tax changes could hit Alberta farmers hard.  Wide-reaching and complex, the changes have the potential to affect long term tax planning for farmers, and limit flexibility in transferring a farm to the next generation.  We welcome you to join us at a free, public information session featuring AgInform Professionals, a collaboration of experts on safety, financial, insurance and legal matters.  AgInform specialists will be on hand to walk you through the proposed tax changes and potential impacts, as well as speak to other important topics and insurance considerations. This will be a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Read more

Financial Planning Tips for Success as a Landlord

renter insuranceYou have probably seen the late-night infomercials touting the glamour of being a landlord. The passive income gives you much more flexibility than a regular 40-hour per week job. Of course, it shows you all the glitz of finding a hidden gem, slapping up a “For Rent” sign, and getting a tenant to sign a lease in less than a day. What they fail to show you are the late paying renters or the crimp in your schedule because of busted plumbing. To be a landlord takes the ability to adapt and overcome the variety of issues that will come your way. One item every owner of rental properties needs is the right insurance coverage. A TSG Insurance agent in Calgary, Medicine Hat, or Brooks can help you get the best insurance to protect your real estate investment. Read more