6 Tips for Sharing the Road with Cyclists

sharing road with cyclists

More and more Calgarians are choosing to commute by bike. As a driver, it’s important that you do your part to help ensure their safety. Here are six tips for safely sharing the road with cyclists.

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What Coverage Do You Have When Renting out Your Place Short-Term?

short term rentals

With the rise of Airbnb, more and more Canadians are become part-time hoteliers. Indeed, renting out your place short-term is a good way to make some extra money when away from home. However, doing so comes with a number of risks. It’s important that you understand what coverage you have as a short-term landlord and that you adjust your home insurance policy as needed.

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Should I Share Tenant Insurance with My Roommate?


If you rent an apartment, house or even a room, you stand to benefit from purchasing tenant insurance. As explained in a previous article, tenant insurance is a simple and affordable way to insure your belongings and protect yourself in the event of a lawsuit. But what if you have roommates? Is it worth pooling your resources and sharing a policy? In this article, we get to the bottom of this oft-asked question.

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Do You Need Commercial Car Insurance?

iside the car

Do you use your personal vehicle for work? If so, you may benefit from having commercial auto insurance. Businesses often have unique liability risks, and these are reflected in commercial car insurance policies.

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10 Safety Tips for Long Drives

Long drives can be very enjoyable. However, if you aren’t properly prepared, they can prove gruelling or even dangerous. Follow these 10 tips to ensure that your next extended drive goes smoothly.

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